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Biodiesel equipment

biodiesel production complex consists of the following major sections:

  • Inline oil heater;
  • Biodiesel reactor;
  • Biodiesel settling section;
  • Methanol recovery section;
  • Purification and filtration section.

Prepared (purified) oil is supplied to the heater, where it is warmed up to the process temperature. From the heater, the oil is supplied to the biodiesel reactor. A solution of alkali and methanol is also supplied to the reactor at the same time. The ingredients are mixed in the the reactor’s hydrodynamic mixer, and the product of the reaction is crude biodiesel (fatty acid methyl ester with water and glycerin). This product is then pumped to the settling tanks, where water and glycerin are separated and removed.

The remaining product is pumped to the methanol recovery section, where methanol is distilled from the mix. The final stage is the filtration and purification section, where the product passes through ion-exchange resin to remove residual traces of methanol. Filters remove any remaining solid particles.

Primary specification of the system:

Parameter Value
Capacity, m3/hour 4
Explosion protection class, II2GEExdIIBT3
Power supply voltage at 3 phase VAC, V 380
Compressed air control pressure, MPa 0.6-0.8
Settling tank volume, m3 20.8
Filtration fineness, micron 5

The biodiesel production facilities operating on the GLOBECORE BLENDING technology have the following advantages:

  • Low power consumption.
    Instant transesterification
    With the application of the innovative energy saving technology, process power consumption decreases.
  • Modular architecture (mobility during transportation and flexible installation of the biodiesel equipment).
  • Effective production process reduces equipment footprint.
  • Biodiesel quality meets international standards.
  • No waste: glycerin can be used for various purposes (e.g. generation of energy, fertilizer, etc.)
  • No biodiesel washing and drying.

The equipment are based on the technology of continuous reaction to increase the speed and quality of the reaction, also using 5-7 times less energy in comparison with the usual technologies and equipment.

The equipment features simplicity of operation, high efficiency; besides, due to development and continuous tests, we improve equipment design,

  • increasing the quality and product yield,
  • reducing power consumption,
  • decreasing the amount of metal for construction.

GlobeCore biodiesel plants (reactors) are designed for the capacity from 1000 to 16000 liters/hour, making  biodiesel from any types of vegetable oils and animal fats.

It is possible to make biodiesel from waste frying oil and algae oil.

The biodiesel production plant produces biodiesel in compliance with the European EN 14214 and the American ASTM standards.


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