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Colloid Mill CLM-40.2

Colloid mill CLM-40.2 is designed for grinding of granules or particles of SBS polymer for the production of modified bitumen.

The unit may be supplied either as a part of a plant or separately for retrofitting into existing equipment.

The unit is designed for operation either indoors or outdoors under a canopy.

The design of the unit allows operation in temperatures from +50С to +400С.

Parameter Value
Capacity, m3/hour 30
Operating pressure, MPa 0,6
Nominal RPM 3000*
Drive power, kW 110*
Suction/charge mean bore diameter, mm 80/80
Heat carrier max temperature, ºС 180
Dimensions, mm:
– length 1700*
– width 900*
– height 1500*
Weight, kg 1150*
Note.* – the mill is supplied without electric motor

  • Delamination  resistance of mixture;
  • Adjusted rotor-stator gap  without need of disassembling.


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