Mojave Heat: Hot Air Dryer Unit

The Mojave Heat hot air dryer unit is designed for drying of air and removal of solid particles from atmospheric air, as well as for sorbent drying. Dry purified air can be used for purging of transformer tanks and electrical equipment during installation, service or repairs to prevent dielectric insulation from accumulating moisture while the core is exposed.

The unit is designed as a metal body separated into two compartments. The unit operates as two independent adsorbers, filled with synthetic zeolite, and a dust filter to remove solid contaminants from the air.

Parameter Value
Mojave Heat 0.7 Mojave Heat 4
Dry air capacity, m3 /minute, min / cubic yard 1.7/2.223 2.5/3.27
Dry air dew point, °С/°F, max -50/-58 -50/-58
Dry air pressure, MPa/bar, max 0.018/0.18 0.025/0.25
Max dry air temperature, °С/°F 90±15/194±27 90±15/194±27
Adsorbent load, kg/lbs, max 190/419.9 190/419.9
Number of adsorbers. 1 2
Zeolite regeneration temperature, °С/°F, max 430/806 430/806
Air heater power, kW, Max 24 24
Nominal power consumption, kW max
Air drying (normal operating mode) 1 5.05
Sorbent regeneration in one adsorber 25 30
Sorbent regeneration in two adsorbers 55
Nominal power voltage at 50Hz/ 60Hz, V (Electric power can be fully customized on request ) 380 380
Output air temperature for regeneration of external adsorbents, °С/°F, max 430/806 430/806
Duration of adsorbent regeneration, hours 4 2-4
Dry air filtration fineness, micron 5 5
Dimensions, mm/ft, max:
• length 1350/4’5’’ 1500/4’11’’
• width 800/2’8’’ 1200/3’11’’
• height 1700/5’7’’ 2100/6’11’’
Weight, kg/lbs, max 550/ 1,215.5 1050/ 2,320.5

  • protect the insulation system from moisture;
  • carry out depressurization in several stages, with a complete assembly of transformer;
  • prevent heating of transformer.


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