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CMM-0.6 Clean Marine Oil Degassing Cart

Most GlobeCore equipment is designed stationary processing of large volumes of oil. For the reason of necessity of our clients to clean transformer oil in small volumes in places, where it is difficult to transport a regular unit or there is not enough free space, we designed a new, light, compact and mobile unit – CMM-0,6 Clean Marine of 600 liters capacity, which can be used on ships, offshore platforms and moorings.

As well as large-scale equipment, the CMM-0,6 Clean Marine unit provides the processes of drying, degassing, pumping, heating and cleaning of insulation oil from contaminants.

The unit construction is quite simple:
– vacuum column;
– heater;
– pumps (vacuum and oil pumping);
– filter unit (with the ability to change the cartridges).
In addition, the CMM-0,6 Clean Marine unit is equipped with sensors for foam and oil leakage control.

Parameter Value
1 Capacity, m3/h (gpm), not less than
  – degassing, drying and filtration mode 0,6 (2,64)
2* Processed oil parameters:
– total gas content, % not more than 1,5
– moisture content by weight, ppm, not more than 10
3 Max oil output temperature in heating mode, ºС (ºF) 55 (131)
4 Outlet pressure, bar (psi) 3 (43,5)
Oil heater power, kW, not more than 10
6 Max power consumption, kW, not more than 13
7 Power supply
– voltage, V 380
– AC frequency, Hz 50
8 Dimensions, mm (in), not more than
– length 850 (33)
– width 570 (22)
– height 1510 (60)
9 Weight, kg (lbs), not more than 230 (507)

Note –  * Initial oil parameters:

  • gas content by volume –  below 10.5%
  • weight moisture content – below 0.005% (50 ppm)
  • temperature – above 0 ºС (32 ºF);
  • multiple passes of oil through the unit.

  • hot galvanizing of piping and vessels for corrosion protection;
  • watertight coating of the control cabinet;
  • ex-proof control buttons;
  • additional supports which secure the unit reliably in the necessary position.


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