CMM-1/1 Mobile plant for insulating oils

The CMM-1/1 continues the excellent functionality of this series of equipment, but is designed to be more compact and economical.

The CMM-1/1 purifies electrical insulation oil with viscosity below 70 cSt at 50o, removing water and particulate matter.

This device can heat oil-filled electrical equipment with hot transformer oil and evacuate air from vacuum systems.

The unit ensures oil purification according to class -/14/12 from initial class -/18/16 (contaminant content by weight less than 0.004%) after multiple passes of the product through the filters.

The CMM-1/1 is used in the course of commissioning, repairs and operation of oil-filled high voltage systems (power transformershigh voltage switches etc).

Parameter Value
1 Processing rate, m3/hour: 1.0
2 Max oil output temperature in heating mode, °С 55
  3* Processed oil parameters (initial moisture less than 100 ppm):– filtration, μm

– minimum dielectric strength, kV

– ISO 4406 purity class





4 Output height relative to the outlet, meters 20
5 Max input pressure, MPa 0,1
6 Max output pressure, MPa 0,25
7 Oil heater power, kW 20,4
8 Mean heater surface power, W/cm2, max  1,1
9 Nominal power, kW 25
10 Three phase AC power (voltage, frequency) Custom
11 Max dimensions, mm– length

– width

– height




12 Weight, kg, max 500

Note: * Initial oil parameters:

  • moisture below 0.005% (100 ppm);
  • oil heated to +60±5ºС for 30 minutes;
  • gas content below 10%.

  • Compactness. Due to that fact, the unit can be transported by various means of transport (land, water, air) and won’t take a lot of work space.
  • Ease of maintenance and operation. Only one person is required to work with CMM-1 and we can fast and easily teach your staffl how to operate the unit. The constant presence of an operator is not necessary.
  • It can raise the breakdown voltage of insulating oils from 15 to 75 kV in several passes.
  • It has an increased heating rate due to the optimal design of the heater.
  • The big size of the viewing glass window allows you to visually observe and control the process of oil purification.


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