CMM-1 Mobile oil plant

The mobile oil station CMM-1.0 is designed for purification of electrical insulating oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases, whose viscosity at a temperature of 50 ° C does not exceed 70 cSt. The station provides oil purification up to grade 9 with an initial purity class of 13, after the repeated passage of the product through the filter unit.
CMM-1.0 is used during the installation, operation, maintenance and service of high-voltage facilities (such as power transformers, high-voltage circuit breakers, etc.) to maintain the brand-new condition of the oil inside of them.

Operation modes

The unit can operate in three different mode types:
1. filtration;
2. purification with heating and thermal vacuum cleaning;
3. degassing.


The machine consist of the next components:

1. Vacuum column;
2. Control cabinet;
3. Coarse filter cartridge;
4. Fine filter cartridge;
5. Inlet pump;
6. Outlet pump;
7. The vacuum pump;
8. Dehumidifier;
9. Pipeline system with shutoff and control valves.

  • Thermal vacuum oil purification in one cycle;
  • significantly extends oil life;
  • mobile and convenient;
  • easy to maintain and operate;
  • construction is possible both stationary (in a container, on a frame, under a canopy cover) and mobile (on wheels, on a trailer);
  • spare parts are included with the unit.

Parameter Value
Capacity, м3/hour / gals. per hour: 1.0/264.7
Max oil output temperature in heating mode, °C/°F 60/140
Processed oil parameters*: 10.0
• mass moisture content, g/ton max
• filtration fineness, micron 5
Oil output head, meters /yards 20/21.86
Max inlet pressure, MPa 0.1
Oil heater power, kW 25.2
Oil heater max mean surface power, W/cm2 1.1
Nominal power, kW 29
50 Hz AC power voltage, V** 380
Dimensions, mm/ft 1300//4’3’’
• length
• width 800/2’8’’
• height 1550/5’1’’
Weight, kg/lbs 540/1193



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