CMM-1CO Cable oil degassing unit

Oil-filled cables are used to connect step-up transformers with open switchgears in the case when it is impossible to carry out such communication by overhead lines. The oil-filled power cable includes paper insulation, cable oil, and copper conductors. The voids in the insulation are filled with cable oil under constant overpressure.

Cable oils must meet the following requirements:

high dielectric strength;
low dielectric loss tangent and conductivity;
stable parameters during operation;
gas resistance in an electric field;
resistance to molecular oxygen.
The strictness of the requirements is caused by the very large potential losses that occur when using low-quality cable oil. For example, the presence of even a small air bubble can lead to a breakdown of the cable and blackout of consumers.


CMM-1CO is designed for the preparation of cable oil, i.e. its purification from mechanical impurities, removal of water and gases. The treated oil is fed into the make-up tanks, compensating for the flow resulting from sampling or leakage. The unit can also be used for evacuation of the transformer and other equipment.

All components of the unit are installed in a container. Container front and sides are equipped with access doors for servicing the unit.

Parameter Value
1 Capacity, m3/hour,  not less than 1
2* Processed oil parameters:
– gas content, % vol, not more than 0.05
– moisture content, ppm, not more than 5
– ISO 4406 purity class -/14/12
– particulate matter, g/ton, not more than 8
– filtration, μm 2
– dielectric strength, kV, not less than 70
3 Oil temperature in heating mode, ºС, not more than 70
4 Filtration coefficient ≥50
5 Outlet pressure, (nominal/max), bar 2/12
6  Oil heater power, kW 18
7 Oil heater watt density, W/cm2, max 1.15
8  Max power requirement, kW 27
10  Oil storage tank capacity,  m3 0.7
11 Power supply
– voltage, V Custom
– AC frequency, Hz
12  Dimensions,  mm
– length 2450
– height 1700
– width 1550
13  Weight kg 1800

  • can carry out complex processing of cable oils due to thermal vacuum drying and filtration;
  • improves the reliability of oil-filled cable power lines;
  • fully automated;
  • easy to maintain and operate;
  • made of stainless steel;
  • it can be made both – in stationary (in the container, on a frame, under an awning), and mobile (on wheels, on the trailer) design.


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