CMM-4/7 Portable oil degassing unit

The CMM-4/7 unit is designed for heating, degassing, drying and purification of transformer oil from mechanical impurities, the process can be done during power transformers operation, with voltage up to 1150 kV.

The machine can also be used to heat oil-filled electrical apparatus with hot transformer oil or for vacuum drying and evacuation of the transformer. The equipment is used during installation, repairs and maintenance that involve the treatment of transformer oil.

Note: The unit is not suitable for use in hazardous and reactive to lubricant environments.

Modes of operation

The main operating modes of the unit can be selected on the main screen:

in the “Degassing” mode, the machine automatically warms up and, after warming up, starts operating in the oil degassing mode. In this mode, the oil is heated to a predetermined temperature, filtered, degassed in a vacuum, and, after fine filtration, enters the outlet;
in the “Heating and filtering” mode, the unit heats and filters the oil without degassing in a vacuum column, but which in turn increases the speed of oil processing up to 7 cubic meters per hour;
in “Manual” mode, the operator can open and close valves, turn pumps on and off. In this mode, you can also diagnose the health of components.

Parameters Value
Capacity, m3/hour / gals. per hour:
  • in degassing, nitrogenation, drying and filtration mode
  • in heating and filtration mode
Capacity adjustment range, m3/hour / gals. per hour: 0-4.0/0.0-1059.0
Processed oil parameters*:
  • volumetric gas content %, max
  • mass moisture content, g/ton, max
  • ISO 4406 purity class
  • solid particle content, g/ton, max
  • filtration fineness, micron
  • dielectric strength, kV, min
Oil temperature in heating mode, ºС/ ºF 90/194
Filtration rate ≥50
Outlet pressure, MPa 0.35
Oil output head, meters/yards 35.0/38.3
Oil heater power, kW 50
Oil heater mean surface power, W/cm2, max 1.15
Max power consumption, kW 60
Electric power
  • voltage, V
  • AC frequency, Hz**
Dimensions, mm/ft
  • length
  • height
  • width
Weight, kg/lbs 1270/2,806.7

there is no need to use adsorbents for dehydration of transformer oil;
the operation of the equipment does not cause air pollution or waste requiring storage and disposal;
simplicity in operation and maintenance;
maximum oil performance even after one treatment cycle;
low power consumption;
low noise level;
the machine can be easily mounted on a trailer and used at the site of operation of the transformer.


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