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CMM-600CF Transformer oil filtration and refilling machine

The machine is designed for transportation and filtration of mineral and synthetic electrical insulation oil and for adding oil to transformers.


The machine is built on a wheeled frame with a hitch for towing on hard surfaces.

The machine includes two 200 liter (52 gallon) containers for oil storage and transportation. Pumps are installed for oil transfer.


The СММ-600CF machine purifies transformer oil by combined effects of filtration, heat and vacuum. The system is equipped with five filters:

  • a mesh filter for large particles;
  • a coarse inlet filter;
  • a fine filter at the outlet;
  • two filters to remove water entering the oil from the air.

Air bubbles are removed from the oil in the vacuum chamber.


Operation is managed by a PLC controller, which can identify the following faults:

  • frequency converter not ready or motor protection trips;
  • oil spill;
  • level sensor disconnect;
  • overflow in either of the containers;
  • vacuum chamber level sensor fault;
  • foam sensor activation in the vacuum chamber.

Any of these faults stops the machine. This condition is signaled by a sirene, a flashing light in the corresponding button and a text message on the controller screen.


The СММ-600CF is designed for clients who specialize in transformer and other oil filled equipment servicing and repairs (including high voltage switches, OLTC, oil reactors etc).

Parameter Value
Capacity, liters/hour (gpm), max no degassing 1000 (4.4)
degassing 600 (2.64)
* Output oil parameters:
– ISO 4406 purity class -/16/13
Output pressure, bar (psi) 2 (29)
Max power requirement, kW 1.55
Power supply
– voltage, V Fully customizable
– AC frequency, Hz
Dimensions, mm (in)
– length with tow hitch retracted 2200 (87)
– height 1840 (72)
– width 1100 (43)
Max weight, kg (lbs) 850 (1870)

* Note: – with initial oil quality -/18/16 per ISO 4406.

  • works with both mineral and synthetic insulation oils;
  • versatility: both purifies the oil and adds oil to transformers;
  • includes reels for hoses.


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