Oil filling and transportation unit UDM

The UDM-1 unit is designed for pumping, storage, transportation and oil filling of transformers with dielectric insulating oil. Either manual or electrically driven pumps are included with the unit.

Parameter Value
Vessel volume, liters/gals 1000/264.2
Input pump capacity, m3/gals. per hour 1.7/450
Manual output pump max capacity,l/gals.min. max 30/7.8
Nominal power, kW 2.2
Electric power supply parameters fully customizable
Dimensions, mm/ft, max
• length• width• height 3575/141”



Weight, kg/lbs, max 850/1,878.5

  • versatility (pumping, storage, transportation and adding of transformer oil);
  • mobility;
  • simple operation and servicing.


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