UVD Vacuum filling unit

The UVD vacuum filling unit is designed for preparation (degassing), storage, transportation and adding of transformer oil into the high voltage ports of transformers and switches; the unit is designed for operation at power plants, substations and other energy facilities.

Parameter Value
Amount of prepared oil, liters/gals 30/7.8
Amount of oil in filling section, liters /gals 4/1.06
Residual pressure in degassing section, Pa (mm.hg) 6.7 (5х10-2)
Oil supply pressure, MPa (kg/cm2) Up to…0.4 (up to…4)
Nominal power, kW 0.25
50/60 Hz power supply voltage, V (60Hz USA) 220
Dimensions, mm/ft:
• length• width

• height




Empty weight, kg/lbs 80/176.8

  • versatility (can store, transport, degas and add transformer oil);
  • compact size and mobility;
  • simple operation and servicing.


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