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Laboratory oil filtration unit UVR-L

UVR-L – the unit for testing the regeneration possibility of dielectric insulating oil and industrial mineral oils.

Before oil regeneration it is obvious to consider some factors:

industrial oils must be regenerated after removal of fuel, water, oxyacids and polycarbons;
– oil viscosity at 50°C must not exceed 70 centistokes;
– content of moisture – less than 200g/t.

The design and operation principle are quite simple. First, 1.5 kg of powder are poured into the regeneration pod. Then vacuum pump creates vacuum in a vacuum chamber. Next oil enters the regeneration pot and processes the regeneration powder and flows to a vacuum chamber. Regenerated oil flows through a vessel to be drained. As a result, you get oil several tones lighter.

Name of parameter Value
1 Regeneration productivity, l/h:– transformer oil

– industrial oil *



 2 Regenerating powder consumption in % from the weight of cleaning oil– transformer oil

– industrial oil *



3 The weight of regenerating powder for filling, kg 3
4 Loss (oil product) in % from initial volume (that what remains in a sorbent)– transformer oil

– industrial oil



5 Total capacity of heaters, kW 0,16
6 Rate capacity, kW 1,0
7 Voltage of the one-phase alternating current main with a frequency of 50 (60) Hz, V 220
8 Overall dimensions, mm not more– length

– width

– height




9 Weight, kg not more 50

  • compactness and mobility;
  • ability to connect to a normal socket;
  • simple and quiet operation;
  • cleaner and lighter oil in output.


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