UVV Vacuum cold trap

UVV vacuum cold trap unit is designed for evacuation and vacuum drying of solid insulation of 110-1150 kV power transformers in the process of their installation, servicing and repairs.

Owing to a special refrigerator the unit reaches -70°C. Such temperature causes the condensation of moisture from windings, what increases the level of drying efficiency.




Parameter Value
Rate of vapor-gas mix evacuation from transformer tank at residual pressure from atmospheric to 400 Pa, liters/second, min 27×3=81
Rate of vapor gas mix evacuation from transformer tank at residual pressure from 400 Pa to 26 Pa, liters/second, min 500
Residual pressure created by vacuum pump in transformer tank, max 26
Residual pressure in the unit during air leak test, Pa, max 4
Air leak in one hour, Pa, max 100
Water vapor condensation surface temperature, °С/ °F, max -70/-94
Residual moisture content in solid insulation, %, max 1.0
Cold generation capacity (at -70°С/-94F), W 600
Condensation surface area, m2, min 6.1
Defrosting system power consumption, kW 2.1
Nominal power, kW 21
Power supply voltage at 50Hz/ 60Hz, V (fully customizable on request) 380
Dimensions, mm/ft, max
• length• width

• height




Weight, kg/lbs, max 2100/4,641

  • Improved noise suppression due to vane vacuum pumps;
  • Three design types for operator convince;
  • Full automation.


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