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USB-2 bitumen emulsion unit 2 m3/hour production capacity

The USB-2 bitumen emulsion unit 2 m3/hour production capacity is equipped with the most high-technology systems for preparing anionic and cationic emulsions, which attain ASTM D 2397-98 and D977-98 quality standards.

The unique design includes a hydrodynamic mixer, that allows making stronger emulsion by blending bitumen and water in special pressure and temperature conditions. Such type of system reduces production time and thereby eliminates the energy consumption.

The quality and composition of the emulsion is controlled by special instrumentation, that operates in automatic and semi-automatic modes.

Specification Value
Maximum production capacity (preparation time included), m3/hour 2 *
Minimum bitumen consumption, m3/hour 1.5
Water consumption, m3/hour 0.6–1.5 *
Flux consumption, dm3/hour 0–70 *
Acid consumption, dm3/hour 5–20 *
Emulsifier consumption, dm3/hour 5–20 *
Adhesion additive consumption, dm3/h 1–20 *
Max bitumen input pressure, MPa 0.2
Bitumen to mixer pressure, MPa 1.4–1.6
Water phase to mixer pressure, MPa 0.2
Bitumen input temperature, °С 140–160
Water input temperature, °С 40–60 *
Max emulsion output head, m 15
Max nominal power, kW 17
Power voltage at 50 Hz, V 380
Compressed air supply, bar 4–6
Air consumption, dm3/min 250
Dimensions (L/W/H), mm 2340/2080/2080
Max weight, kg 1260

* Depending on process formula

  • Production of various types of anionic and cationic emulsions (-RS, –MS and –SS-1,2, including anionic –h subtype);
  • Production of high quality asphalt emulsion by adding plasticizers, adhesion additives and thinners to bitumen of any quality;
  • Diluting of blend concentrate by water directly in the unit;
  • Attainment of ASTM D 2397-98 and D977-98 standarts of emulsion;
  • Simple to service and safe to operate (emergency interlocks);
  • Minimal invironment impact.


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