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USB-2 bitumen emulsion unit 8 m3/hour production capacity

Growth of production capacity it is not only growth of dimensions. This is the indicatior of success, efficiency and development.

Owning a bitumen emulsion unit makes the company independent on suppliers and market fluctuations, it also improves the quality of the binder, based on the individual tasks.

Depending on the recipe, it is possible to achieve 10m3 of emulsion of the highest grade working on USB-2 bitumen emulsion plant. Moreover, the unit is extremely energy-efficient. It saves up to 40% of energy, because the process doesn’t require the mineral material and binder heating.

The USB-2 units are designed both for indoor and outdoor usage. The USB-2 bitumen emulsion plant 8 m3/hour production capacity can be built in an open container, container with rolling doors or anti-vandal container. The construction depends on client’s needs.

Specification of bitumen equipment Value
Maximum production capacity (preparation time included), m3/hour 8 *
Minimum bitumen consumption, m3/hour 10.5
Water consumption, m3/hour 5–10 *
Flux consumption, dm3/hour 50–350 *
Acid consumption, dm3/hour 50–150 *
Emulsifier consumption, dm3/hour 50 *
Max bitumen input pressure, MPa 0,2
Bitumen to mixer pressure, MPa 1.4
Water phase to mixer pressure, MPa 0.2
Bitumen input temperature, °С 140–160
Water input temperautre, °С 40–60
Max emulsion output head, m 10
Max nominal power, kW 38
Power voltage at 50 Hz, V 380/220
Dimensions (L/W/H), mm 4850/2150/2200
Max weight, kg 3550

* Depending on process recipe

  • Production of various types of anionic and cationic emulsions (-RS, –MS and –SS-1,2, including anionic –h subtype);
  • Production of high quality asphalt emulsion by adding plasticizers, adhesion additives and thinners to bitumen of any quality;
  • Diluting of blend concentrate by water directly in the unit;
  • Attainment of ASTM D 2397-98 and D977-98 standarts of emulsion;
  • Simple to service and safe to operate (emergency interlocks);
  • Minimal invironment impact.


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