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USB-1V Foamed bitumen laboratory system

The USB-1-V laboratory unit is designed for production of small samples of foamed bitumen for improving the material formula.

Foamed bitumen is a mixture of air, water and bitumen. Small amount of water (about 2-3% from bitumen weight) is added to hot bitumen, resulting water evaporation, what causes foaming of bitumen in the saturated steam.

Formulas may be improved by changing of physical conditions, such as pressure and temperature.

The USB-1-V is useful as for asphalt mixing production facilities with small laboratories as for big company laboratories.

Specifications Value
Minimum mixer capacity for bitumen, l/hour 600
Water consumption, l/hour , min/max 6/30
Air consumption, l/hour , min/max 0/100
Bitumen pressure, maxMPa 1.6
Water pressure, maxMPa 0.6
Compressed air pressure (to mixer), maxMPa 0.6
Compresse air pressure (to controls), min/max, MPa 0.4/0.63
Bitumen temperature, min/max 140/160
Water temperature, °C, min/max 20/60
Oil temperature (for heating) °C, min/max 120/180
Nominal power, kW 10.4
Power voltage, V 380/220
Bitumen tank volume, liters 15
Water tank volume, liters 15
Volume of oil for heating, liters 10–15
Dimensions (L/W/H), mm 1250/970/1490
Max weight, kg 400

  • The system is developed for any testing laboratory or research facilities;
  • Production of foamed bitumen samples for laboratory researches.


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