SN-1 Pump assembly

Gear pump SN-1 is designed specifically for pumping of high viscosity liquids – various bitumen emulsions, tar, oils and mastics for roof and road repairing as well.
The pump can be pluged into a 380 or 220 voltage system and can withstand a temperature of liquid of 180°C.

Specifications Value
Pump type Gear pump
Nominal capacity, m3/hour 28
Nominal shaft RPM 389
Nominal drive power, kW 7.5
Power supply voltage, V 380/220
Nominal mean suction diameter, mm 80
Nominal mean heat carrier input diameter, mm 25
Max allowable heat carrier pressure, MPa 0.78
Max heat carrier temperature, °C 180
Operating pressure at nominal feed, MPa 0.59
Minimum suction head, m 1
Dimensions (L/W/H), mm 1270/430/745
Max weight, kg 300


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