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Another Launch – GlobeCore’s Equipment Operational in the Netherlands

In July 2023, GlobeCore successfully launched the CMM 6/7 degassing unit at Siemens Energy B.V. in the Netherlands. This project was implemented with the participation of   Wolfgang Seifert, GlobeCore‘s representative in Germany.

The CMM-6/7 unit provides efficient oil processing with a performance range of up to 6 m³/hour for degassing, drying, and filtration modes, and up to 7 m³/hour for heating and filtration modes. The equipment is designed for heating, pumping, and treating oil used in electrical equipment, including transformers and high-voltage switches. The comprehensive oil treatment process involves efficient removal of solid particles, gases, and water.

Additionally, the CMM-6/7 effectively removes air and gases from transformer tanks, especially during their maintenance or servicing. The unit easily adapts to the selected mode of operation, ensuring optimal efficiency in a wide range of applications.


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