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Another Launch – GlobeCore’s Equipment Operational in the Netherlands

In July 2023, GlobeCore successfully launched the CMM 6/7 degassing unit at Siemens Energy B.V. in the Netherlands. This project was implemented with the participation of   Wolfgang Seifert, GlobeCore‘s representative in Germany. The CMM-6/7 unit provides efficient oil processing with a performance range of up to 6 m³/hour for degassing, drying, and filtration modes,Read More

GlobeCore's Distributor Engages in Analytica Lab Africa 2023

GlobeCore’s Distributor Engages in Analytica Lab Africa 2023

During the period of July 5 to 7, Total Analytical Solutions, a dealer of GlobeCore, actively participated in the Analytica Lab Africa 2023 exhibition held in Johannesburg, South Africa. This exhibition attracts exhibitors from diverse nations, showcasing their latest products, technologies, and services. Total Analytical Solutions, representing GlobeCore, successfully established connections with industry professionals, researchers,Read More


Dear colleagues! You are invited to participate in another free GlobeCore webinar themed as “VACUUM OVENS. LOW FREQUENCY HEATING” which will take place on November 24–25, December 2, 2021, At this webinar, we will discuss the following matters: advantages and features of the use of vacuum ovens; technical specifications and quality of vacuum ovens; WebinarRead More


Dear colleagues! You are invited to participate in another free GlobeCore webinar themed as “ULTRAFINE MILLING IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY” which will take place on November 17–18, 2021. At this webinar, we will discuss the following matters: advantages and features of the use of food mills; technical specifications and quality of coloid food mills; technologyRead More


Dear associates! You are invited to participate in another free GlobeCore webinar themed as “Production of Modified Bitumen: the Modern Approach” which will take place on July 21–22, 2021. At this webinar, we will discuss the following matters: advantages and special features of using modified bitumen; technical specifications and quality of road bitumen; technology andRead More

The satisfaction of you, our customers, is our path to prosperity!

We are pleased to fulfill another successful customer order. Three units (UVM-10) are on their way to Mozambique. One of the most popular and practical units for processing transformer oil is UVM-10. With a compact size and easy control, the unit provides a comprehensive(complex) treatment of transformer oil, including its degassing, drying and filtration. TheRead More

“BDV Testing Online. Methods of Measurement and Improvement”

On March 30–31, another webinar will be held under the title “BDV Testing Online. Methods of Measurement and Improvement” as part of GlobeCore Tech School program. During the webinar, the following matters will be considered: standards for determining the breakdown voltage; how an oil breakdown occurs in the transformer; how to take samples correctly; whatRead More

Vacuum unit for degassing transformer oils

Want to share with you of starting unit UVM 1 – (vacuum unit for degassing transformer oils, a production facility of 1000 liters per hour). Jordan city of Amman. It is a private structure (complex). There are more than 15 transformers from 600-2000 liters each. We have successfully carried out the test of the equipment,Read More


The unit is designed to measure the dielectric strength of transformer oil and other dielectric fluids according to IEC 60156, ASTM D877, ASTM D1816. It is a fully automatic device that allows testing according to the procedures defined in these standards, as well as according to the user procedures specified in the appropriate section ofRead More

GlobeCore webinar on transformer oil regeneration

GlobeCore company and our technical advisor from South Africa – Frank May invites you to take part in a free technical webinar on Transformer Oil Regeneration on 10th of September. We will introduce the following subtopics: – Regulations around dielectric oil regeneration process; – Oil parameters related to the regeneration of dielectric oil; – DielectricRead More

GlobeCore step by step is out of covid-19

Quarantine in lots of countries is eased and GlobeCore has more and more requests again! Bitumen emulsification units, bitumen filters, and oil purification units are being shipped to resume work of industries in lots of countries. In a big demand now – our new sanitizer making machines, which are based on modern continuous stream blending ofRead More

Hospital Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater from hospitals can contain traces of anything from viruses and multi-resistant bacteria to medical contrast agents and chemicals for cancer treatment. Small amounts of hormone-disrupting substances and other medicine residues are also part of the mix that passes from patients through hospital toilets and into public sewer systems. According to the World health OrganizationRead More


Antiseptic production as a business The strains of microorganisms constantly mutate. New viruses and bacteria appear, and it is better to prevent the disease than try to cure it later. This is why the market for hand and surface treatment antiseptics will grow, remaining a promising business. The use of antiseptics in the developing countriesRead More

Commissioning of Blended Fuel Production Machine in Ecuador

Another GlobeCore machine was commissioned on 13-17 January in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This time, our engineers commissioned a 10 cubic meter per hour USB fuel blending machine. The problem of atmospheric pollution is important for Ecuador, and the government is increasing environmental protection measures and standards. A complete transition to alternative fuels requires a comprehensive upgrade ofRead More

A CMM-1 mobile oil plant goes to Egypt

Our production facility keeps manufacturing new products for the electric energy market. One of the latest plants, CMM-1 mobile oil plant, went to Egypt. This unit is portable and designed on a trailer, which allows using the unit offsite. With its expanded filtering surface CMM-1 is perfect for purification of insulating oils from water andRead More

GlobeCore transformer service equipment reference

This a review from one of our dearest clients – VanTran Transformers. We in GlobeCore always try to improve the quality of our products and rely a lot on reviews that we receive. This way we can adjust and make required from the client’s point of view changes. Therefore, GlobeCore thanks VanTran and all otherRead More

Launch of the AVS-100 for industrial wastewater treatment

The unit was put into operation in the city of Karatau, on the territory of the sodium cyanide production plant for the wastewater treatment. The device was embedded in the existing wastewater treatment line for neutralization from cyanide. The unit main task was to increase process effectiveness, speed and reduce the total cost and amountRead More

UVM-4/7 Globecore oil purification unit in Malaysia

From March 19 to April 8, GlobeCore company representatives visited Malaysia, where they commissioned seven UVM-4/7 units at once. These are not the first commissioning of UVM model equipment in Malaysia. For example, one of the last commissionings took place in January. The demand for UVM-4/7 units can be explained by their multifunctionality. Using thisRead More

Globecore seminars in Angola

At the end of June, GlobeCore representatives visited Angola (Luanda), where they held several seminars. The seminars were on the basis of the main electric companies in Angola and were devoted to improving the reliability of transformers and how to extend their service life. GlobeCore‘s concept is to protect the transformer insulation system from moistureRead More