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Vacuum unit for degassing transformer oils

Want to share with you of starting unit UVM 1 – (vacuum unit for degassing transformer oils, a production facility of 1000 liters per hour). Jordan city of Amman. It is a private structure (complex). There are more than 15 transformers from 600-2000 liters each. We have successfully carried out the test of the equipment, have taught the personnel, while doing the service of two transformers. One of the transformers had an increase in moisture content, and the other had an increased gas content.

Mobile oil station is designed for purification of oil and removal of particulate matter and water from electrical insulation oils with kinetic viscosity below 70 cSt at 50С.
The unit can also be used to heat oil-filled electrical equipment with hot transformer oil and for the evacuation of electrical equipment.
The unit ensures purification of oil to class 9 from initial purity class 13 (the content of impurities by weight below 0.004%) after multiple passes of the product through the filter section.
The unit is intended for use in the course of installation, repairs, and operation of oil-filled high voltage electrical equipment (transformer, high voltage switches etc).
The unit is not designed for explosive, toxic or aggressive environments.
If the unit is operated indoors, exhaust gases must be expelled to the outside via pipes.


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