“BDV Testing Online. Methods of Measurement and Improvement”

On March 30–31, another webinar will be held under the title “BDV Testing Online. Methods of Measurement and Improvement” as part of GlobeCore Tech School program. During the webinar, the following matters will be considered: standards for determining the breakdown voltage; how an oil breakdown occurs in the transformer; how to take samples correctly; what factors influence the breakdown voltage; what a breakdown test shows and how to interpret it; technology for online breakdown voltage testing during transformer oil purification. Everyone interested may participate in the webinar. Participation is free of charge but requires prior registration. Date: Tuesday, March 30 English — 8:00 AM GMT+1 (Berlin, local time); Russian — 12:00 PM GMT+3 (Russia, local time); Portuguese — 1:00 PM GMT+1 (Luanda, local time). Date: Wednesday, March 31 Spanish — 8 AM GMT-6 (Costa Rica, local time); French — 1:00 PM GMT+1 (Rabat, local time); English (North America) — 11:00 AM GMT-5 (New-York, local time). Registration Link: globecore.com/register

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