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Launch of the AVS-100 for industrial wastewater treatment

The unit was put into operation in the city of Karatau, on the territory of the sodium cyanide production plant for the wastewater treatment.

The device was embedded in the existing wastewater treatment line for neutralization from cyanide. The unit main task was to increase process effectiveness, speed and reduce the total cost and amount of used chemicals.

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The use of electromagnetic devices with a vortex layer of ferromagnetic particles for the treatment of cyanide wastewater allows the oxidation of cyanides to cyanates, at the same time also formating non-toxic carbonates and ammonia. The process takes place in an alkaline environment at a pH of 9-10. As an alkaline reagent, lime, soda in the form of a 5-10% aqueous solution can be used, and an oxidizing agent – a 5-10% solution of bleach, calcium hypochloride or chlorine. The residual amount of cyanides after purification is 0.005-0.09 mg / L at an initial concentration of 30-350 mg / L.

Important factors affecting the quality of wastewater treatment using AVS are: the choice of the optimal treatment scheme and method; selection and layout of technological equipment; selection of cleaning process modes; control and regulation of cleaning parameters; proper operation of the unit; averaging of wastewater, etc. The effective use of AVS in wastewater treatment depends on the degree of averaging over the composition and concentration of pollutants, which is taken within the 1.5-2 hours averaging.

The vortex layer unit is reliable in operation and can be easily installed in production rooms without special foundations. Any required productivity of the production line can be achieved with a specific arrangement of such devices (serial, or parallel).

However, the main feature of the vortex layer apparatus is the tremendous number of application areas, it can be used: in construction, engineering, chemical, agricultural and food industry, mining, as well as in medicine (pharmacology). AVS allows: obtaining multicomponent suspensions and emulsions; to accelerate the processes of obtaining finely dispersed mixtures, can activate substances both in the dry state and in the form of aqueous dispersions, which leads to an improvement in the physicomechanical properties of rubber and a reduction in vulcanization time; perfect for industrial wastewater treatment and complete purification from: phenol, formaldehyde, heavy metals, arsenic, cyanide compounds; to accelerate the processes of heat treatment; to obtain protein substances from yeast cells; to increase the microbiological stability of food and activation of yeast in the baking industry; to improve the quality of semi-finished products and finished products from meat and fish; to intensify extraction processes, including the preparation of broths; to improve the production of berry drinks (juices), pectin, etc.; to obtain suspensions and emulsions of enhanced microbiological safety in the food industry without the use of stabilizers, as well as to increase the yield of finished products.


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