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Globecore seminars in Angola

At the end of June, GlobeCore representatives visited Angola (Luanda), where they held several seminars.

The seminars were on the basis of the main electric companies in Angola and were devoted to improving the reliability of transformers and how to extend their service life. GlobeCore‘s concept is to protect the transformer insulation system from moisture during maintenance and repair, as well as to clean and regenerate electrical insulation oils. The modern GlobeCore oil regeneration technology provides a variety of treatment types at once (heating, vacuum, filtration, adsorption), which allows to achieve the best results. CMM-R recovery units can recover oil without complete draining from a transformer. In this case, the process can take place without a power outage. Thus, time and money are saved (more transformers can be serviced, extended oil life and no need to buy a new one), reliability of power supply is increased (a transformer with clean oil and dry solid insulation does not fail and lasts 15-20 years longer).

Traditionally, the advantages of regeneration technologies were demonstrated by the example of the laboratory version of the UVR unit. All seminar participants could observe how the appearance of the used oil changes, and it becomes suitable for usage.

Given the increasing interest and existing demand for equipment for transformer servicing and the regeneration of electrical insulating oils, GlobeCore plans to continue the practice of holding seminars. Stay tuned for updates on our website in order not to miss a seminar in your country.


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