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Malaria is a life-threatening disease, transmitted by insect bites, specifically, by infected Anopheles mosquito females. Without treatment, this illness can have grave consequences, including death. The rate of malaria spread makes it one of the worst threats humanity faces. What makes malaria dangerous 228 million people contracted malaria in 2018; nearly 405,000 people died ofRead More

The Cost Efficiency of Reactivating Oil Regeneration Adsorbents

We define oil regeneration as a restoration of used oil to its new like condition. In this article we’ll talk about oil regeneration, using GlobeCore equipment as an example. The calculations demonstrated that the largest expense is the cost of the adsorbent. The other significant issue is waste adsorbent disposal. Knowing and understanding the problemRead More

USB Fast Mixing Unit

Our company has been manufacturing the USB fast mixing unit for 20 years. There is nothing really new or supernatural in our units, which is based on a 200 year old process, however, they are still in high demand today. Mixing units found widespread use during the Second World War, with the sharp increase inRead More


Polymer-bitumen binders production technology

The use of polymer-bitumen binders (PBB) or as it is also called polymer-modified bitumen (PMB) continues to grow every year. This is due to several factors: First of all, because of the decrease in the quality of raw bitumen supplied to asphalt plants. Gradually, oil refineries learned to extract an increasing percentage of useful resourcesRead More


The problem of aging the power transformers fleet is quite relevant. This is mainly due to high prices for new equipment. Therefore, most electricity companies are trying to optimize their financial costs and extend the life of transformers already in operation. This is much cheaper, and the quality of transmission and distribution of energy doesRead More


Waste oils are rather hazardous waste, because in the natural environment they decompose very poorly and slowly, polluting everything around them. Most of these petroleum products are a source of pollution of the atmosphere, our water resources and soil. To imagine the extent of the harm, it is enough to tell that: one liter ofRead More

Transformer oil quality characteristics

The oil used in transformers is a product of a petroleum oil refinery obtained by distillation using phenol, acid and hydrocracking. Over time, under the influence of an electromagnetic field, air, high temperatures and interaction with transformer windings, which also deteriorate in time, the oil loses its dialectic strengths and becomes not appropriate for usage.Read More

Maintaining the stability of transformer oil

Transformer oil is a refined fraction of crude oil obtained by distillation, that boils at a temperature of 300 ° C to 400 ° C. Depending on the origin, crude oil has different properties and these distinctive properties of the feedstock are always reflected in the properties of the transformer oil made out of it.Read More

Cold mix asphalt with bitumen emulsion binder

Almost everyone is familiar with the spring-summer seasonal roads repairing. Heavy machinery is everywhere on the streets and hot asphalt is poured and rolled out on the road surface. Some time ago, this was the only way to do patch repairing of the roads. Today, the technology of cold asphalt mixtures is widely used forRead More

Substation maps as a power company instrument

In order to carry out high-quality centralized power supply management, a substation map is required. Electrical substations are used when transmitting electricity over long distances in order to convert voltage. The consumer does not need a voltage of 6 or 10 kV, so it must be reduced to a value of 0.4 kV. The substationsRead More

Sulfur content in insulation oil

The issue of contamination of the insulation oil by sulfur is known by all power industry companies. The presence of sulfur leads to unstable work of contacts, to the formation of a coating on copper and silver elements, and also interrupts the operation of the switches of the windings or oil-filled switches. The process ofRead More