MCU Zeolite Oil Drying Units

To completely clean and recover industrial oils, GlobeCore has developed a number of equipment of different models and capacities, equipped with different working mechanisms. One of them is the MCU unit.

Each enterprise has individual needs. This, in particular, concerns the principle of choosing equipment for the processing of waste materials. Depending on what level of purification is required, the equipment may not be used at full capacity or independent units with a specific method of processing insulating liquids are used.

The entire range of GlobeCore equipment is a universal system that includes several types of purification and treatments of oils. Thus, your company can choose the type of operation needed yourself.


Mobile oil stations MCU-1.7/ MCU-4.3/ MCU-7 are designed for filtering electrical insulating oils based on the use of sorbents. Their feature is a porous structure with homogeneous cavities, which in everyday life is called a “molecular sieve”. Based on the dimensions of such cavities, zeolites can absorb small particles of contaminants that do not exceed the inlet diameter.

Depending on the capacity of the power equipment, only certain types of cleaning should be used or the full range that the MCU is capable of.

By combining regenerative procedures, deep purification of used oils and a high level of purity of the final product can be achieved.

The numbers “1.7” “4.3” “7” in the name of the MCU mobile oil refining station means a modification type of outdated or less universal models. The capacity of the MCU-7 is about 4.3 m3 / hour.

The mobility of the installation allows the use of MCU-7, as well as earlier models for the mobile servicing of several units of power equipment throughout the enterprise.


The difference from earlier installations, as mentioned earlier, is the use of a block of sorbent cartridges. Therefore, the equipment simultaneously serves for the regeneration, dehydration of oil from water and the removal of water-soluble acids, or simply for the removal of moisture.

The MCU installation is equipped with a special heater to maintain the necessary oil temperature, optimal for heating, drying, and regeneration.

The volume of the zeolite cartridge, for example on the installation of the MCU-7, is about 100 liters. After the properties of the sorbent are depleted, the cartridges are removed for regeneration. Using one refilled cartridge with zeolite, it is possible to process up to 100 tons of contaminated oil under the condition of normal equipment maintenance.

The advantage of this equipment is its multifunctionality. One installation can be used to service all facilities of power equipment at the enterprise, besides having a high level of productivity, MCU gives a high-quality purification and minimum consumption of cleaning materials.

Parameter Value
MCU-1.7 MCU-4.3 MCU-7
Capacity, m3/hour, minimum/gals. per hour
 drying, regeneration and filtration mode 1.7/450 4.3/1138 1.5-2.0/392-529
 heating mode 1.7/450 4.3/1138 3.6-4.3/953-1138
Max oil outlet temperature, ⁰С/⁰F:
 drying and filtration mode 35/95
 heating mode 60/140 65/149
Sorbent max load, kg 100
Sorbent regeneration temperature, ⁰С/⁰F:
Zeolite NaA 250/482
Silica gel 120/248
Sorbent regeneration without unloading No Yes
Processed oil parameters:
 industrial purity class (ISO 4406) 9 (-/14/12)
 solid particle content, max, g/t 2.5 10
 acid number, mg KOH/g of oil, max 0.02…0.05
  nominal filtration fineness, micron 5…25 5
  mass weight content, g/ton per cycle, max 10
  dielectric loss tangent at 90 ⁰С/194 ⁰F, max 1.5
 dielectric strength, kW, min 65
Mean heater surface power, W/cm2, max 1.2
Heater power, kW, max 28.8
Max power consumption, kW 33
Three phase AC power voltage, 50/60Hz, V 380/220 380
Dimensions, mm/ft, max, length/width/height







Weight, kg/lbs, max 500/1,105 550/1,215.5 7501,657.5

Raising the dielectric strength of transformer oil from 5-10 to 50 kV or more in one pass;
Instead of zeolite, silica gel can be used, which allows to reduce the acid number of processed oils;
Restoration of the properties of zeolite occurs without extraction of zeolite cartridges using the installation of the BRC;
Ease of maintenance and operation.


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