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Bitumen modification unit 6 m3/hour production capacity

Polymer modified bitumen takes a significant place in the construction of modern high quality roads.The addition of polymers, adhesion additives, and plasticizers to bitumen increases the road surface adaptability to seasonal temperature fluctuations and deformations under high loads, cracks, and also to extends the road surface service life.

The USB-2 bitumen modification plant allows producing bitumen with the addition of various modifiers, obtaining a high-quality product.

Nowadays, there is only a little number of companies which use non-modified bitumen. Such bitumen loses its elasticity already at +20°C and melts at +45 °C-48°C. When polymers are added to bitumen they cause the oil absorption and binder turns into an elastomer, increasing the plasticity of bitumen several times.

The USB-2 bitumen modification plant this is an excellent solution to improve the quality of building and maintaining of the roads and keep up to date using modern technologies.

Specifications Value
Minimum production capacity, m³/hour 6
Amount of polymer per 1м³ of bitumen, kg 10–100
Operation mode Batch/consecutive
Number of reactors 2
Nominal power, kW
  • mill
  • bitumen to mill supply pump
  • bitumen supply/output pump
  • agitator drive
  • heater power (total)
  • heat carrier supply pump
  • control systems
  • plasticizer supply pump
  • adhesion additive supply pump
  • total
Power supply:
  • voltage, V
  • AC frequency, Hz
Dimensions without components removed for transportation (L/H/W), mm 5200/3200/2400
Max weight, kg 5600

  • Ability to add any polymers, adhesive additives, waxes and other additives;
  • Ability to control the quality and recipe composition;
  • Ability to add various modifiers and plasticizers for improving the adhesion immediately during the pumping;
  • Ability to operate both inside and outside;
  • Energy efficiency (oil heating system);
  • Batch and consecutive operation modes.


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