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SBM-15 Modified bitumen collection tank USB-4

Companies that produce large volumes of PMB daily, should provide appropriate storage conditions for their products in order to avoid spoiling of a ready product and extend its storage terms.

The SMB-15 collection storage tank provides necessary conditions with the help of a embedded automatic mixer and a heating circuit. The heaters of circuit are built into the walls of the tank. It allows the material to remain the required temperature.

The system is also equipped with  Dinel and Wika sensors of temperature control and the PMB level.

Specifications SBM-15 SBM-30
Minimum total volume,  16 33
Minimum usable volume,  15 30
Agitator type Vane Vane
Agitator RPM 36 400
Heat exchanger square area, m2 18
Insulation thickness, mm 200 200
Nominal power, kW 11.3 30
Electric power
  • voltage, V
380 380
  • AC frequency, Hz
50 50
Dimensions (L/W/H), mm 3250/2500/7200 2440/2400/12500
Max weight, kg 3800 11000
Max full loaded weight, kg 18800 41000

  • The size of tank is adopted to the sea transportation;
  • Sensors for temperature and level control ;
  • Temperature control may be kept by connection to the process system of the facility or by the heater.


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