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USB-12P-equipment for the modification of bitumen of continuous action

Against the backdrop of increasing vehicle traffic and axle load, as well as seasonal temperature fluctuations, asphalt concrete pavement quickly wears out, necessitating costly repairs. This problem was solved by combining road bitumen with special additives, allowing for the creation of binders with the required properties. Modified bitumen provides greater strength to road surfaces, reducesRead More

Fast mixing unit USB-5 (RS-150)

Traditionally antiseptics and disinfectants are made in large vessels where mechanical agitators are used to mix several ingredients into finished products. To do away with the big tanks, reduce equipment footprint and modernize it, GlobeCore has developed USB-5 disinfectant making machine. The principal of operation is simple, a pump feeds the main ingredient – alcoholRead More

Light version of CMM-6R for oil regeneration

GlobeCore presents light version of CMM-6R for transformer oil regeneration. After processing of oil through CMM-6R it’s possible to restore oil to new like condition through special type of sorbent – fuller’s earth. Moreover, unit has sorbent reactivation mode, allowing its reusing about 400 times. The dimensions of this unit are also quite compact (lengthRead More

GlobeCore Statement on the COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection Pandemic

GlobeCore closely monitors the situation around the world due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection. Under the circumstances, we are doing all we can to protect our employees.We also consider it our duty to make a contribution to the protection of the global community. Millions of people are quarantined, and they must beRead More

Transformer oil degassing

Globecore company leader in transformer oil degassing

In this video topic, we want to introduce to you transformer oil degassing unit – CMM 4/7 After so many years of manufacturing Globecore company has developed many various units for oil purification. They differ in the type of oil that they can process, their capacity and type of purification. Therefore, each one of themRead More

Easy way to remove water from the transformer oil

Moisture appeasers in the transformer oil from the air or as a result of aging solid insulation. Presence even a small amount of water in the transformer oil makes it not appropriate for usage, because it can reduce dielectric strength and, that leads to transformer breakage. To solve this problem and prolong the service lifeRead More

Globecore regeneration unit for a wide range of oil types UVR-450

UVR – 450 was actually planned to be a vacuum purification unit for insulation oils, but after a dozen amount of our experiments we saw that it is able to completely clean and restore such types of oils as hydraulic, industrial, thermal, turbine, etc. Surprisingly to us, the unit was also able to purify diesel,Read More