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Globecore company leader in transformer oil degassing

Transformer oil degassing

In this video topic, we want to introduce to you transformer oil degassing unit – CMM 4/7

After so many years of manufacturing Globecore company has developed many various units for oil purification. They differ in the type of oil that they can process, their capacity and type of purification. Therefore, each one of them fit for a particular purpose.

However, among them, there are a few most popular units like mobile and compact CMM-0.6, UVR-450 that is able to regenerate different types of oil and a powerful transformer oil purification unit CMM 4/7. The demand for them is huge due to their reputation, productivity and simplicity in operation.

The video below demonstrates one of them – CMM 4/7. The unit is perfect for transformer oil degassing, purification from water and solid particles.

If you also want to check out our CMM-0.6 and UVR-450 units please follow the links:

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