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CMM-6R Light Transformer oil regeneration machine

The Globecore CMM-6R Light is designed for the regeneration of transformer and cable oils by their transmission through a special sorbent (Fuller’s earth). The unit proved to be efficient due to its ability to reactivate the sorbent without removing it from the columns. Another benefit is its ability to work while directly connected to the transformer with a TSS system installed. It is also possible to install an inhibitor input device.

CMM-6R Light can work in two modes:

  • oil regeneration mode;
  • sorbent reactivation mode.

The electrical parts of the unit is controlled from the control cabinet board, in which the switching, monitoring, and measuring equipment are installed.

One fill of the sorbent is enough for about 300 cycles.

No Parameter Value
1 Processing rate, m3/hour (gpm) 0.45*
2 Sorbent reactivation duration, max 19 hours
3 Nominal power requirement, kW 10
4 Power voltage, three phases, 50Hz, V 380
5 Max dimensions, mm

– length

– width

– height




6 Weight, kg max 2100

* Processing rate and the amount of oil that can be treated depending on the initial quality of the oil.

  • full restoration of the properties and parameters of transformer oils;
  • extension of the service life of transformer oils (saving on the purchase of new oils);
  • improving the reliability of the transformer;
  • thanks to the reactivation mode, the unit can use the same sorbent for 2-3 years (up to 300 reactivations);
  • the incredible variety of oils that can be treated;
  • high purification level.


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